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Welcome to Fencing Sports Academy, Intl

Whether you are a parent looking for that next ‘thing’ to challenge your child, a teenaged team sports participant looking to improve your competitive edge either physically or mentally, or an adult looking for something to challenge you on a different level from your day to day routine, Fencing Sports Academy, Intl promises to fill this need and much more!

Fencing Sports Academy, Intl is dedicated to excellence with accomplished, award winning coaches training individuals of all ages on the incredibly quick and rewarding sport of fencing. It seems only right that Pittsburgh, a city synonymous with first class sports organizations, is now the home of Fencing Sports Academy, Intl, starting this December. We can’t wait for you to come and experience our passion.

Fencing Sports Academy, Intl Success

Fencing is a sport that given the ideal matchup of physical and mental ability and the right direction, may result in scholarship opportunities at many universities. Click here for more information: USA Fencing

If you are currently involved in school team sports of almost any kind from tradition baseball, football, or basketball to lacrosse or even soccer, fencing will absolutely improve your skills by improving your hand/eye coordination, mental conditioning, and endurance among other performance enhancing skills.

If you are not the type to be interested in team sports, fencing seems to be the one sport that these types of individuals are not only drawn towards but tend to excel at as well. The one-on-one aspect of fencing, combined with the extreme physical and mental components cannot be understated.

Core Values